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albaik in kuwait: Explore Locations and Menu Now

albaik in kuwait: Explore Locations and Menu Now

albaik in kuwait is a popular fast-food spot known for its tasty fried chicken and diverse menu. This article explores the menu, prices, and other important details to give you a good understanding of what makes this place special.

albaik in kuwait

albaik in kuwait is a fast-food eatery renowned for its distinctive blend of spices and seasonings that impart a unique flavor to its chicken and seafood offerings. This distinctive taste has contributed to its widespread popularity, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a flavorful and satisfying dining experience.

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Al baik kuwait menu price list

Explore the flavorful choices at albaik in kuwait, where the menu boasts distinctive spice-infused chicken and seafood options. Check out more details below, including prices:

<strong>Dairy Pies</strong>
  • Labneh Pie: KD 0.400
  • Falafel Pie with Labneh: KD 0.500
  • Labneh Mashed Potato Pie: KD 0.500
  • Zaatar Labneh Pie: KD 0.500
  • Labneh Pie with Honey: KD 0.500
<strong>Al Baik Platter</strong>
  • Large Shamiat Saj: KD 10.000
  • Medium Shamiat Saj: KD 6.000
  • Big Al Baik Pies: KD 10.000
  • Albaik Pies Medium: KD 5.000
  • Large Serving Pies: KD 7.500
  • Medium Serving Pies: KD 5.000
  • Large Shami Sheets: KD 10.000
  • Medium Shami Plates: KD 6.750
<strong>Cheese Pies</strong>
  • Halloumi Pie: KD 0.400
  • Akkawi Pie: KD 0.400
  • Whole Halloumi Pie: KD 0.500
  • Kashkaval Pie: KD 0.400
  • Kraft Pie: KD 0.400
  • Whole Mozzarella Pie: KD 0.500
  • Mozzarella Pie: KD 0.400
  • Whole Kashkaval Pie: KD 0.500
  • Kraft Whole Pie: KD 0.500
  • Whole Akkawi Pie: KD 0.500
  • Cheese Mashed Potato Pie: KD 0.500
  • Salty Cheese Pie: KD 0.400
<strong>Al Baik Special Pies</strong>
  • Mixed Falafel Pie: KD 0.350
  • Muhammara Pie with Cheese: KD 0.500
  • Fried Pancake: KD 0.400
  • Plain Egg Pie: KD 0.300
  • Moussaka Pie: KD 0.400
  • Cheese Egg Pie: KD 0.500
  • Mashed Potato Pie: KD 0.400
<strong>Spinach Pies</strong>
  • Spinach Pie with Cheese: KD 0.500
  • Spinach Pie: KD 0.400
  • Spinach Pie with Pomegranate Molasses: KD 0.500
  • Bean Pie: KD 0.400
<strong>Zaatar Pies</strong>
  • Zaatar Pie: KD 0.300
  • Zaatar Cheese Pie: KD 0.500
  • Zaatar Pie Stuffed with Cheese: KD 0.750
  • Zaatar Pie with Pomegranate Molasses: KD 0.500
<strong>Roll Pies</strong>
  • Labneh Roll: KD 0.500
  • Mix Roll: KD 0.500
  • Meat Roll: KD 0.500
  • Cheese Roll: KD 0.500
  • Spinach Roll: KD 0.500
<strong>The Pizza</strong>
  • Pepperoni Pizza: KD 1.750
  • Albaik Pizza: KD 1.750
  • Chicken Pizza: KD 1.750
  • Vegetable Pizza: KD 1.750
  • Pizza Margherita: KD 1.750
  • Hot Dog Pizza: KD 1.750
  • Mortadella Pizza: KD 1.750
<strong>Meat pies</strong>
  • Meat Pie: KD 0.400
  • Hot Dog with Cheese Pie: KD 0.500
  • Boneless Chicken Pie: KD 0.500
  • Fillet Pie: KD 1.000
  • Hot Dog Pie: KD 0.400
  • Mortadella Cheese Pie: KD 0.500
  • Kraft Sausage Pie: KD 0.500
  • Meat Pie with Pomegranate Molasses: KD 0.500
  • Mortadella Pie with Kraft: KD 0.500
  • Mortadella Pie: KD 0.400
  • Meat Pie with Cheese: KD 0.500
  • Burger Pie: KD 1.000
  • Meat Mashed Potato Pie: KD 0.500
  • Burger Pie with a Slice of Cheese: KD 1.000
  • Spiral Potato: KD 0.750
  • Regular Fries: KD 0.500
  • Mix Potato: KD 0.750
  • Potato Wedges: KD 0.750
<strong>Drazen Al-Bik</strong>
  • Darzen Shami Plate: KD 2.250
  • Darzen Pies to Serve: KD 1.250
<strong>Al Baik Meals</strong>
  • Delicious Meal: KD 1.500
  • Zinger Meal: KD 1.500
  • Al Baik Meal: KD 1.500
  • Rashid Meal: KD 1.500
  • Zeer Salem Meal: KD 1.500
  • Abboud Meal: KD 1.500
  • Beef Burger Meal: KD 1.500
  • Ghost Meal: KD 1.500
  • Italian Meal: KD 1.500
  • Chicken Burger Meal: KD 1.500
  • Halloumi Meal: KD 1.500
  • Chicken Fajita Meal: KD 1.500
  • Chicken Fillet Meal: KD 1.500
  • Ferrari Meal: KD 1.500
<strong>Sweet Pies</strong>
  • Sugary Al Baik Pie: KD 2.000
  • Sugary Pie: KD 1.500
  • Lotus Pie: KD 1.000
  • Nutella Pie: KD 1.000
<strong>Al Baik Cocktails</strong>
  • Awar Al Qalb Cocktail: KD 1.000
  • Al Baik Cocktail: KD 1.250
  • Special Peach Cocktail: KD 1.000
  • Emperor Cocktail: KD 1.000
  • Fit Cocktail: KD 1.000
  • Healthy Cocktail: KD 1.250
  • Samadi Al Baik Cocktail: KD 1.000
  • Beauty Cocktail: KD 1.250
<strong>Fresh Juices</strong>
  • Cocktail Juice: KD 1.000
  • Orange Juice: KD 1.000
  • Carrot Juice: KD 1.000
  • Banana Juice with Milk: KD 1.000
  • Lemon and Mint Juice: KD 1.000
  • Ruqyi Juice: KD 1.000
  • Cantaloupe Juice: KD 1.000
  • Strawberry Juice: KD 1.000
  • Kiwi Juice: KD 1.000
  • Pomegranate Juice: KD 1.250
  • Peach Juice: KD 1.000
  • Pineapple Juice: KD 1.000
  • Apple Juice: KD 1.000
  • Avocado Juice: KD 1.000
  • Beet Juice: KD 1.000
  • Seven Up: KD 0.150
  • Pepsi: KD 0.150
  • Duet: KD 0.150
  • Mirinda: KD 0.150
  • Diet Pepsi: KD 0.150
  • Family Pepsi 2.25L: KD 0.500
  • Shanny: KD 0.150
  • 7up Diet: KD 0.150
  • Mirinda Family 2.25L: KD 0.500
  • Family 7up 2.25L: KD 0.500
  • Big Water: KD 0.250
  • Small Water: KD 0.150
  • Oreo Milkshake: KD 1.000
  • Galaxy Milkshake: KD 1.000
  • Snickers Milkshake: KD 1.000
  • Kinder Milkshake: KD 1.000
  • Meltzer’s Milkshake: KD 1.000
  • Milk KitKat: KD 1.000
  • Flake Milkshake: KD 1.000
  • Mars Milkshake: KD 1.000
  • Lotus Milkshake: KD 1.000
  • Nutella Milkshake: KD 1.000
<strong>Mixed Flavors</strong>
  • Blue Red Bull: KD 1.000
  • Red Bull Red: KD 1.000
  • Red 7 Up: KD 0.750
  • Mixed Red Bull: KD 1.000
  • Mixed 7 up: KD 0.750
  • 7up Blue: KD 0.750
<strong>Baik Slash</strong>
  • Blueberry Slash: KD 1.000
  • Red Berry Slash: KD 1.000
  • Lemon Mint Slash: KD 1.000

albaik in kuwait app

Experience the convenience of the Al Baik Kuwait app, where you can explore a diverse menu of delectable offerings, place orders seamlessly, and indulge in the unique flavors of Al Baik’s renowned dishes, all at your fingertips. To download the app, follow these simple steps:

  1. Download the Al Baik Kuwait App from “The Play Store” or “App Store“.
  2. LaunchAl Baik Kuwait App.
  3. Click on “Sign In” and get started.

al baik kuwait contact number 

If you have inquiries or require assistance, don’t hesitate to get in touch with albaik in kuwait using the listed contact numbers for their Mangaf and Fahaheel branches. They are prepared to offer a swift and helpful response to address any questions or concerns you may have. See the details below:

albaik kuwait location

Discover the various locations of albaik in kuwait, where you can savor their renowned dishes and enjoy the unique flavors at multiple convenient spots across the country.

al baik kuwait fahaheel

Experience the delightful taste of Al Baik in Fahaheel, Kuwait, where you can indulge in their signature dishes and savor the unique flavors that have made Al Baik a beloved choice for fast-food enthusiasts. Check below for directions:

al baik kuwait Mangaf

Explore the culinary wonders of Al Baik in Mangaf, Kuwait, treating yourself to their distinctive dishes and savoring the one-of-a-kind flavors that have solidified Al Baik as a favorite among fast-food connoisseurs in the region. Check below for directions:

albaik kuwait location opening hours

Discover the tempting flavors of Al Baik at their Kuwait locations and plan your visit accordingly with their opening hours, ensuring you can enjoy their renowned dishes during the times that suit you best.

For al baik kuwait fahaheel  

For your convenience, here are the opening hours of al baik kuwait fahaheel:

4 AM–11 PM
4 AM–11 PM
4 AM–11 PM
4 AM–11 PM
4 AM–11 PM
4 AM–11 PM
4 AM–11 PM
For al baik kuwait Mangaf

For your convenience, here are the opening hours of al baik kuwait Mangaf:

Open 24 hours 
Open 24 hours 
Open 24 hours 
Open 24 hours 
Open 24 hours 
Open 24 hours 
Open 24 hours 

al baik near me

Indulge in the exquisite menu offerings of Al Baik near you, providing a convenient way to savor their renowned dishes and distinctive flavors. Here’s how:

  1. Open a map app or website.
  2. Type “Albaik near me” in the search bar.
  3. Review the list of nearby Albaik restaurants.
  4. Use filters for distance and ratings if desired.
  5. Select your preferred restaurant for more details.
  6. Navigate or contact the restaurant as needed.

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albaik in kuwait review

Al Baik Restaurant in Kuwait has received a myriad of reviews, showcasing the diverse dining experiences of its patrons. Here is a curated selection of recent comments from Google Maps:

  • “Abu Sallah mentioned a week ago that the restaurant is good”.
  • “Ali Ap, who visited a month ago, stated it was very good”.
  • “Fazz, sharing thoughts five months ago, recommended Al Baik as a quick fatayer destination, open 24 hours. However, Fazz cautioned against the pizzas, noting they were too thin and undercooked”.
  • “Mohamed Haris, giving feedback 11 months ago, expressed satisfaction with the good food at Al Baik”.






albaik in kuwait: Explore Locations and Menu Now

In conclusion, albaik in kuwait stands as a culinary gem, offering a delectable array of signature dishes that have captured the hearts and taste buds of enthusiasts. With its unique flavors, convenient locations, and commitment to quality, Al Baik continues to be a beloved choice, providing a delightful dining experience for locals and visitors alike in the vibrant Kuwaiti food scene.

Frequently Asked Questions

<strong>Albaik is known for what?</strong>
Albaik is renowned for its distinctively seasoned and high-quality chicken and seafood, creating a unique and popular fast-food experience.
<strong>In which locations can I locate an Albaik restaurant in Kuwait?</strong>
Albaik restaurants in Kuwait are situated in different locations, including Fahaheel and Mangaf. You can check online maps for Albaik near you.
<strong>Can I obtain a contact number to reach Albaik Restaurant?</strong>
If you have inquiries or need assistance, you can contact Albaik in Fahaheel at +96523913611 and in Mangaf at +96551651624. Feel free to reach out to them for any further information or to place an order.

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